Playing with bots



Playing Shanghai Rummy with your friends and family is great but, there is one drawback... you have to play with your friends and family 🙃

It would be great to just start the game and play against the computer.

Playing with Bots

After few weeks of development and over 3000 lines of code, all the logic player has to go through to form melds, buy new cards, take cards, and discard least valuable cards has been neatly compartmentalized into set of functions to be executed by bots.

You can now play 🦾 Anna and 🤖 Bob bots to the heart content. These bots are fairly smart but do make some mistakes at times. We will make them bit smarter over time probably.

End Result

We're quite happy how it all turned out at the end:

Shanghai Rummy Playing with Bots demo

Have a go and play now!