Exiting updates have landed


Three long requested updates have landed

We're pleased to share with you three updates that landed last week which have been requested by our players for some time.

Play with 3 bots

Traditionally, as an individual player, you could play with 2 bots. Many players requested to play with 3 bots (4 players total). Why would one want to play with more bots you might ask. There are probably at least two reasons why this might be fun: 1. You have more buying opportunities in a single turn as you can buy from 2 other bots, 2. With more players there are more melds to lay off your cards to. This means even though there will be more players, the rounds can be completed faster.

When starting a game, simply choose between 2 or 3 bots:

Play two or three bots

Reject a buy

When someone discards a card, and it’s not your turn, you can ask to buy a discarded card. If you play with bots, you have 10 seconds to make up your mind, until the counter reaches zero. Once you know your hand well you probably don’t need a full 10 seconds to make up your mind and now you can just click “No Thanks” to finish the countdown early.

Buy no thanks

Two Humans and Two Bots

Buying dynamics don’t really work well with just two players. From now on when you just want to play with one friend you can add two bots to your game. They will make the game more fun and you’ll be able to buy from your friend and the bots as desired.

Two humans tow bots

Hope you’ll enjoy all of these improvements. Have a go and play a game now.

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