New VIP Features

Family playing cards on the beach
Family playing cards on the beach (DALL-E)

Dear Shanghai Rummy Players,

We are thrilled to announce an array of exclusive VIP features designed to enrich your gaming experience like never before. As we continue to evolve and enhance the game, we're excited to introduce perks that will bring more personalization, convenience, and style to your favorite card game. Here's what's new for our VIP subscribers:

  1. Personalize Your Presence: Make your mark in the Shanghai Rummy community by setting a unique profile picture. Let fellow players see the face behind the masterful moves, adding a personal touch to every match.

  2. Customize Your Deck with Style: Express your personality with 18 stunning new designs for the back of the cards. Whether you prefer classic elegance or vibrant patterns, choose a design that resonates with your style and make every game uniquely yours.

  3. Speed Up the Game with Faster Bots: Gain control over the pace of your game with adjustable bot speed. Opt for faster bots and cut down waiting time, allowing you to concentrate solely on your moves and strategy.

  4. Never Miss Your Turn with Sound Alerts: Stay in the zone without the fear of missing your turn. Our new sound alert feature will notify you when it's your turn, ensuring you're always ready to make your move.

Support Future Developments

Your VIP subscription doesn't just unlock exclusive features; it also supports the ongoing development of new and exciting additions to the game. By choosing VIP, you're not just elevating your gaming experience—you're also contributing to the future of Shanghai Rummy.

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With warm regards,
The Shanghai Rummy Team